Primo Fix

Description :

White, quick-drying mortar for drylines, strings and guideposts

Qualities :

– Maximum hardness in the shortest time (only 20 minutes in the mixing well)
– Ideal for application to electricity, carpentry and aluminum fittings
– Easy to manipulate and apply, which maximizes daily productivity
– Compatible with Primo Mortar
– Enables the completion of vertical and horizontal drylines in record time

Benefits :

1. Heat insulation to conserve cool temperatures
2. Quick-drying with maximum hardness

Primo Products Recommended Application Instructions

First: Surface Assessment

– Make sure all work preceding painting has been completed (carpentry, plumbing, electrical)
– Clear the surface of any greasy substances or foreign materials

Second: Surface Preparation

– Industry standards require the treatment of all joints between the structure and foundations and any cracks through the use of galvanized or fiber mesh (you may apply Primo Fix to the mesh)
– Remove all supports, bolts or extensions to the rebar
– Be sure to treat the exposed rebar steel, especially on roofing elements, per industry standard before the use of Primo Mortar
– Remove any protrusions to reduce product consumption
– Spray all surfaces thoroughly with water before application to remove any dust, especially on red brick, and it is advisable to spray during summer and warm seasons to ensure the required level of hydration before application
– If any surface appears dry it must be wet until all surfaces are evenly moistened

Third: Preparation

– Measure clean water in the amount indicated on the product packaging

– Mix in the product by gradually spraying the water onto it, not the opposite as traditional methods advise

– Leave the Primo powder to set for two minutes until the water is thoroughly absorbed

– Stir the mixture well in all directions for a period of no less than two minutes – it is advisable to use a mechanized mixer

– Adjust the water as necessary to reach the density most appropriate to the surface and the worker

Fourth: Dry lines And Guidelines

– Treat all electricity ducts and carpentry frameworks using the quick-drying Primo Fix

– Then use Primo Fix to set up the dryline after stringing the leveling alignment thread vertically (the traditional method) or horizontally, (the modern method) with a space between each thread of no less than 1.5 meters and a maximum of 2.5 meters

– You may fix ready-made aluminum strings using quick-drying Primo Fix and then remove them after completing the first layer of Primo Phil

– To create the guideposts or to paste the edges of the galvanized iron you may use quick-drying Primo Fix directly

– It is not necessary to remove the dryline or string when using the Primo Mortar after plastering the wall with Primo Fill