Primo Mould

Description :

Primo Mould is the outcome of a unique Egyptian European collaboration combining Zahret Sinai’s fine raw gypsum with Montrdi’s state-of-the-art Spanish and French technology and equipment to produce Primo Mould.

Applications :

Industrial needs and casting moulds
• Housewares
• Sanitary Ware
• Cornices and decorative elements


Primo Mould’s cylindrical pore diameter of 1.5 to 2 microns enables
• speed of absorption and expulsion of water during the casting process
• an increase to the rate of formation thickness
• a reduction in the time of casting
• an increase in casting quality
• the increase of the lifespan of casting moulds from 100 to 120 casts per mould.

Primo Mould
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Primo Products Recommended Application Instructions

First: Preparation

— Measure clean water in the amount indicated on the product packaging

– Mix in the product by gradually spraying the water onto it, not the opposite as traditional methods advise

– Leave the Primo powder to set for two minutes until the water is thoroughly absorbed

– Stir the mixture well in all directions for a period of no less than two minutes – it is advisable to use a mechanized mixer
– Adjust the water as necessary to reach the density most appropriate to the surface and the worker