Primo Mortar

Description :

Mortar for the finishing of rough surfaces

Qualities :

– Provides the initial softening phase that enhances surface appearance after the Primo Fill phase
– Evenly levels surfaces that have been plastered with cement, sand or Primo Fill mortar

Benefits :

1 – Moisture-proof and heat insulator
2 – Colored using oxides

Primo Mortar

Primo Products Recommended Application Instructions

First: Preparation

– Measure clean water in the amount indicated on the product packaging

– Mix in the product by gradually spraying the water onto it, not the opposite as traditional methods advise

– Leave the Primo powder to set for two minutes until the water is thoroughly absorbed

– Stir the mixture well in all directions for a period of no less than two minutes – it is advisable to use a mechanized mixer

– Adjust the water as necessary to reach the density most appropriate to the surface and the worker

Second: Initial Smoothing Phase

Spread out the Primo Mortar approximately an hour after you complete the application of the last layer of Primo Fill in order to prime the surface in preparation for the application of Primo Top